Freelance Writing

Hire me to help maximize your writing projects! I specialize in the niches and tasks below and have the capacity to write and perform in various others.

  • Academia: As a graduate student, my academic writing has to be up to par. From student lifestyle to editing and proofreading, I know the ins and outs of academia and enjoy sharing what I’m learning outside of the classroom.
  • Travel: I love the coziness and fulfillment that comes from creating a life-giving home, but between traveling the country and the world, I’ve got a handful of fun destinations and experiences under my belt! From road tripping to plane hopping, I’m here to vamp what you know about travel!
  • Christianity/Christian Living: Many of the posts featured in Treasured Thoughts are inspired by Christian theology. I enjoy expressing my faith through writing and believe my passion for words is a God-given gift more than it is a hobby.

Love my writing but don’t see your niche? Visit the Contact tab and send your inquiry. From business and technology to wellness and hospitality, I’m here to help you meet your writing needs!