Discovering Your Worth w/ Anna Wagner

I want to let you in on a secret: I don’t play the scrolling game when it comes to Instagram or Facebook. It is far too easy for me to get mindless on social media, so I typically get on to do my business—post, check notifications, respond to messages—and peace out. However, one morning before work there was a post that caught my attention, so much so that I went back to it that afternoon and drank in its truth and beauty. My newlywed friend, Anna Wagner, popped on to share about her journey of self-worth, and it wrecked me. I hadn’t realized the extent to which I was disregarding my value in Christ until she shared her story, and that’s why I’ve asked her to share it here with you.


“What does it mean to have worth in this day and age? What does it mean to feel, believe that you really have value? Many times we find our worth hidden within the idea of being good enough—wearing enough makeup, having stylish enough clothes, having enough friends, or a good enough grade point average. Perhaps we find our worth in having a good enough devotional time—you know, the one where the cute cup of coffee or tea determines that we really do have value.

Where do these value indicators even come from? What makes us carry the weight of our worth when there is Someone—the owner of the heavens and the Earth—who says we are good enough? The same Someone who calls us royal heirs to His Kingdom. I shouldn’t have to worry about my worth or being good enough for society’s standards, but if I’m being honest, there are times when I do.

I found myself having to answer these questions after meeting Seth, my now husband. He had no idea how incredibly broken I was prior to meeting him. When we started dating, I constantly thought, I am too broken for him. Who would ever want someone with a past like mine? They were lies that made me fear the conversation of sharing my journey with him, and it was hard to build up the courage to do it. When I did, Seth showed me the Father’s grace. I was met with such love and forgiveness. A shadow of the love and forgiveness the Father is able to give us daily.

That talk with Seth helped me realize that I am worthy of God’s love, but even though Seth forgave me, the lies kept coming because I hadn’t forgiven myself. I had a friend tell me that I was rejecting Christ’s sacrifice—His finished work on the cross—by doing this, and at first I was offended. I thought, Of course I know Christ died for me!…but did I? I sure wasn’t acting like it. 

The lies had come so often that I actually started to believe them, so the next time one popped in my head, I wrote it down and followed it with God’s truth: two Bible verses for every lie! I felt less and less unworthy as I looked to God’s words and thoughts about me.

The truth is we all come with conditions—things we are not proud of, a story we may have not chosen for ourselves—but we are all worthy of our Heavenly Father’s love. There is Someone out there that knows everything and still wants to love you. Jesus.

So I ask: Do you believe Jesus died for you and truly forgave you? I may not be the greatest at remembering how valuable I am, but through His sacrifice our Heavenly Father reminds us that it’s Him who makes us worthy.”

The love of God met me through Anna’s story. For years I battled feeling less than, inferior, only partially significant compared to others, and it was all masked by confidence. Friends, hear me when I say that there is a difference between having confidence and knowing you are deeply valued by God. Confidence will sustain you for a moment, even a day. The shed blood of Christ that redeems and speaks a better word than the word you speak over yourself—that will sustain you for a lifetime. When I took hold of this truth—that through Christ I am worthy of good things, including His great love for me—it enabled me to take my first step into the glory He has laid out for me, the glory of being loved by the Glorious One Himself.

Christ as my Anchor

Joshalyn McHargue


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